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RISE Money
Teen is showing off his RISE card. The image is from the RISE campaign that portrays the RISE style of bright colors and the cool kid in the school who owns the trendy stuff.RISE teen campaign image
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Learn money skills for life

Easy-to-use, cool graphics and tonnes of features - your parent’s washing machine is definitely harder to use.

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Saving and Spending
RISE card can be used in any store, restaurant in EU. The app keeps the track of your spending.

Pay anywhere with your RISE cards

Track your spending in real-time. Pay online and in-store with a Mastercard Debit card accepted worldwide.
The RISE spending screen boldly shows the amount on your card. RISE app interface is designed to be simple for the teen to understand.

Manage your spending & savings

Spend it, save it, you call the shots. Manage your savings on your own and earn parent-paid interest.
RISE teen goal interface

Set goals and Track progress

Set yourself targets to get the mountain bike of your dreams or go to your favourite festival. Start managing your finances from Day 1.

Get your parents involved & Get your card today

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If you are a member of RISE the teen can receive money from parents anywhere in EU within seconds.

Master your money with the RISE Academy

The banking glossary for teens

Listen. We know that banking terms can be confusing, so here at RISE we created our own Banking Glossary.

What do banks do?

Banks. How much do you really know about them? It’s where the money’s at, it’s where you get your loans.

Keep your money safe online

Banking online is becoming easier than ever. Inevitably with this move towards digital banking, threats and security risks take on new challenging forms.

Your attack plan for the sales

Recognise that sound? That’s the sound of your pocket money flying away during the sales. Self-control. Who’s she?? Let us introduce her to you, with our cool checklist. You can stay in control of your money, even with all👏that👏sales👏temptation. Let get started.

The money memory challenge

Looking back onto how you are spending your coin is a huge first step towards creating a badass budgeting plan.Why budget in the first place? Because get this - its the low-key best way to make sure you have enough money for what you really want and need.

Having the convo about pocket money

If asking your parents about getting pocket money goes something like that cringe show above - don’t you worry. We’re here to help. First off, there is no need to feel nervous about talking to your parents about money. Here’s a simple 3 step hack on how to have this conversation.

Did you know….? The buyer edition

Here are 3 cheeky facts about buying stuff that will leave you 🤯

How to be a money conscious, forward-thinking boss

Knowing something worth is being conscious of it - so when it comes to money, that’s knowing how much you spend, what you’re spending it on and what you’d like to save for in the future. Use our RISE Pocket Money planner

How to be a budgeting boss

How to be a budgeting boss? Here’s a super quick look into the basics of what you’ll need to do. It will help you learn how to always have the money you need for what you want.

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